Fiesta Cinco de Mayo Old Town filled the streets with culture, community, and an unlikely lunch.  Winding my way through the bustling Mercado with a full sized pineapple-turned-pina colada in my hands, the opportunities to enjoy delicious cuisine were endless.  It is a rare and beautiful moment when an event coordinator can find a few minutes to refuel between checking on petting zoos, distributing checks, and coordinating simultaneous bands, magic acts, and rope tricks.  I ducked into the Dos XX Cantina Garden, boasting a beautiful structure and *FREE* delectable nibbles.  The price was right and up to the wooden bar I traveled.  Beautiful chefs were dishing out plates of gorgeously prepared food like hot cakes – I quickly grabbed a plate and found a place in the shade where I could see the next Lucha Libre match start up.  Kids surrounded the ring, fans cheered for their favorite costumed competitor as the match started up.  I took a bite of my freshly procured taco while I gazed at the hot pink braided pigtails on one of the wrestlers.  It was in that moment that I recalled submitting the health department info – and the “bbq cricket tacos” that would be featured as part of the Freaky Eats in the cantina this year.  The wrestlers were throwing each other across the ring, my radio was buzzing, my lunch break was almost over, and I….took another bite.  As the match came to a close, over the loudspeaker I heard my name.  “Camille is the one who will not allow kids on stage to play”… Everyone loves event planners 🙂